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So Why Have I Asked You Here ???

Posted in Uncategorized by greenearldotcom on May 7, 2009
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Ok, Virginias going to kill me when (if) she

sees I uploaded a picture of her with her eyes

shut but I have a hard time making them out

when they are just those little thumb nails on

my document pages.  Sorry Honey…

Why have I asked you here?  Unless you found

this site in a google search or came into it

through the back door, somehow, you had to be

invited to come here and really that would be

for one reason only.  I need investment capital

and I must think you have some.

I have an excellent investment and opportunity

if it fits your investment needs.  It’s in what is

quickly becoming a up and coming business and

industry.  I know your time is valuable and I

promise not to waste it.  All I ask is that you hear

me out.  Fair enough.  Good Then I’ll Get right to

the point of my little presentation.


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  1. greenearldotcom said,

    Loans and Notes in $5,000 amounts

    $5,000 at 12% is $51.43 per month

    $10,000 at 12% is $102.86 per mo.

    $25,000 at 12% is $257.15 per mo.

    $35,000 at 12% is $360.01 per mo.

    $50,000 at 12% is $514.31 per mo.

    Investors must be certified. A finders
    fee of 10% is payable upon funding
    to a party of your choice. Monthly
    payments will be made directly to
    your account and available on the 1st
    of each month during the term of the
    agreement and note. 1 to 3 year term
    is expected. Three years gives investor
    a 1 percent LLC membership interest and
    addition to a full return of principle.

    This is not an offer to lend or borrow and
    should only be used as an example of what
    we might be willing to offer a fully qualified

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