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Welcome To My Site…Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Al Boek, I also go by the name of Green Earl. Someone said it’s a good idea to brand yourself, so I figure, if your a pioneer in renewable energy conservation and solar generation, marketing, advertising, selling, financing and installations and you have hundreds of projects statewide, still operating trouble-free, I figured Green Earl was a good brand name for me.

The picture you see is my new wife, Virginia and I, taken this Feb. 25th. in Las Vegas, near The Golden Nugget where we stayed, on the old strip. It was nice.

As you can see, I’m a pretty big guy, played first string football at Enterprise High School, where I graduated in 1969. Went to Vietnam for my senior trip as Military Police Sentry Dog Handler, where I was a NCO, at 20 yrs old, in second or third in command, depending, of 28 men and dog teams on a small Cobra Helicopter Base called Phu Loi. They had had multiple ground attacks before we arrived, when we got there that stopped, but for 5 months, the rockets never did.

Anyway, after I returned home I went to work in the local lumber mills and worked my way up to a lumber sales position, selling carloads and truckloads remanufactured wood products nationwide and into Canada, for 4 of Louisiana-Pacific’s Northern California’s mills.

My Grandfather and mother, Fred and Minnie Markgraf, God rest their souls, started Redding Roofing Company in or around the early 1940’s and my uncle Archie Boek started Northstate Security here in 1968. I started American Energy Conservation Group in 1981. We grossed over $500,000 in energy conservation and solar projects our first year. We went on to market and sell millions in the years that followed. viginia-and-als-wedding-pictures-feb-25th-2009-las-vegas-0111


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