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How You Can Profit From The $787 Billion Green Stimulus Investment

Get ready for…

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The $787 Billion “Green Infrastructure Stimulus”

As you know, Congress has passed a new $787 billion stimulus that was signed into law this February.

That bill sets aside billions for infrastructure and clean technology projects, and creates incentives to lure private capital to those industries.

It’ll be an investment that will more than dwarf Dwight Eisenhower’s interstate highway system launch of the 1950s.

And as you can plainly see, this investment is long overdue.*

As a pioneer in renewable (now called Green) energy, conservation

and solar generation for the past 30 years, I have never seen a more

favorable environment for investment in these industries than exist

right now, today_Green Earl

Please scroll down these blog post to or white paper on investing in

the highly profitable MDU, (Multi-Dwelling-Unit) retro-fit conservation

and solar generation marketing and installations program over view.

*Captions Lifted From Green Report


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